3 essential rules for your allied health home office

Recently, I have been doing a little more work at home than usual and initially, this was fabulous! I could do chores and work at the same time, see the kids, and feel like I wasn’t away ‘working’ all the time. But...

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Change your thoughts, and you change your world: ideas for inspiration

Sometimes we need a lift in life.  In the busyness of everything, it can be easy to fall victim to self-doubt, and your inner critic. When this happens, we tend to focus on the negative things, the stress full things, because they gravitate towards us.  You can get into these little ruts before you know it, and suddenly things become harder than they need to be.  To get the best out of your day, you need to attract the positives.   If you are confident in yourself, and motivated, you can seriously get a lot more achieved, and what’s great is you can use this energy to bring others along with you.  Your mood is infectious, so let’s make it an inspiring mood. It’s not a bad thing to need a pick me up, sometimes the hard thing is knowing where to find it! 

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Chatting with Jackie O'Connor

At Maida Learning, we always like to get out and about and meet people. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie O’Connor: mum, traveller, masters student and allied health entrepreneur! Jackie has an infectious positive outlook on the possibilities in healthcare for the future and is determined to help the allied health profession reach those heights.

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How to maximise your morning routine for success

I never used to be a morning routine person. I thought I didn’t like doing the same thing each day but turns out, my morning routine is SO important in predicting how the rest of my day will flow.  After many years in private practice, I have come to the realisation that having my specific morning routine is sacred and key to a successful day.  Here is what I recommend to maximise yours:

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Simple ways to keep happy in your busyness

It is very easy to become lost in our negative emotions and self-perception at times. Shifting into a management role or into the business world of healthcare can be daunting and requires more than just developing a few business skills. We need to build a vision and infrastructure to support clinical work, as well as self-confidence that can tolerate the ups and downs of private practice. Being happy can help this. Are you happy?

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Using daily morning routines to get rid of the overwhelm

So many practice owners I speak to are currently, or have in the past, felt a sense of overwhelm that comes from having too many things to do. This creates numerous offsets in the mind, such as procrastination, inability to think clearly, decreased confidence and forgetting things.  I want to share with you today the benefits of having regular predictable routines each day because this is a GREAT start to decrease overwhelm. 

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What makes you tick: Interview with Ben Cunningham

Our team member Yvette Howe took 5 minutes with a friend of Maida Learning, Ben Cunningham, to find out his approach to leadership, innovation and business management within the allied health industry.

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