3 essential rules for your allied health home office

Recently, I have been doing a little more work at home than usual and initially, this was fabulous! I could do chores and work at the same time, see the kids, and feel like I wasn’t away ‘working’ all the time. But...

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3 top ways Trello makes running my practice easier

Trello is an online organisation tool that I came across a few years ago and it has developed into one of my favourite tools to help me stay productive and on track. Some of you already know I moved to Tasmania in January of 2017 and now have practices in different states. That is itself challenging but also very rewarding. Using Trello to track progress in each practice, communicate with staff and keep my to-do list moving, gives me greater to do the things I love.

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Admin tasks gobbling up your time?

Are you spending your valuable time doing too much admin and not enough of the other things you need to do? This can be detrimental to your practice. It reduces your billable hours and means you run out of time to plan and operate your practice efficiently.

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Are these time problems affecting your day?

Working harder does not always been better things will come your way. Working harder often means more hours, more fatigue, and can be a reflection of inefficiency in your workplace. There are a few key ways we use our time that can be really detrimental to a practice that is wanting to become more efficient. Knowing which ones relate to us is a great first step in then trying to reduce their impact on our day to day.

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Getting some extra time in your day

One of the biggest issues that private practice owners face is finding enough time in the day to get things completed. I hear it all the time and even struggle with it myself a lot. I am often saying, I need an extra day in the week, however, I think, honestly, I would fill it with other ‘stuff’. Better I think to find ways to make the days you do dedicate to work, more productive. Even taking a few minutes off here and there in your day can make a difference.

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Have you got a business plan for your practice?

Business plans are a written document that outlines what you are aspiring to achieve in your practice and how you might reach those aspirations. To put it very simply – it provides the direction for your practice so you don’t get lost. If you are feeling lost, or haven't looked at your plan for a while, now is a great time to stop and think of where you are going.

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More ways to fit extra in your day

Last week, we talked about ways to save time in your day so you have more time to get through your to do list. Today, I will share with you more ideas you may be able to use to shave some time off tasks in your day and possibly fit in one extra item. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Some ideas may seem obvious but it's always worthwhile re-assessing the time management tools you are using in your business.

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Start small to overcome your biggest hurdle

I often ask allied health practitioners what they feel their biggest daily challenge is, and one of the most frequent replies is not having enough time to get things done. Today, I want to share with you how you can start small to manage that big feeling of overwhelm when we are run off our feet with "busyness".

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