20 content ideas for your allied health social media pages

If you have already started a social media page for your allied health practice, you may have at some stage experienced that feeling of having a ‘blank’ when thinking of what to post. This can happen because we are busy, because we have not dedicated time to sit and plan it out or because we have ran out of ideas!

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4 great social media apps

When I was on a short holiday last week I thought to myself, it is definitely harder to manage a business social media presence when you are not in the office! I found it harder to get good images and harder to think of great content. I don’t know if you find this or if you just have days when you need some more inspiration for social media posts? Today, I share with you 4 fantastic apps that will invigorate your social media posting!

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Managing negative comments on your allied health social media page

Let’s face it, there might be a time when you receive a comment on a social media page that you don’t like. I have seen people do it on social media – writing horrible comments about a business or about a person. It can really make you feel deflated, angry or wishing you never started on the social media wagon.

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Sharing the joy - your allied health facebook business page

When you first start out on Facebook, it can take a little time to get your following to occur. If you expect to get on Facebook as a practice and get instant new referrals within a week, I would say your goals are a little over-ambitious. Growing an audience on Facebook takes time and dedication.

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This magic pill called work life balance

It is no secret that the life of a practice owner or that of a therapist can be at times a roller coaster ride. Pressured to learn at lightning speed, make decisions on a daily basis, often regarding the health and goal attainment of others as well as our own. Working hours can be long and sometimes we just yearn for a more rounded work-life balance.

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Who forgot social media is meant to be social?

Social media platforms like Facebook are an ever-growing platform for business nowadays. In my experience, Facebook is a really great way to reinforce your practice or personal brand to your target audience and to develop engagement to and from followers. The main reason I see many Facebook business pages not working well is when their administrators forget that it is a social media platform. Remember, people expect you to be social on Facebook!

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Wondering if your practice Facebook page is worth it?

Being on Facebook is a great marketing tool for allied health practices. According to Sensis, in Australia last year, 55% of the population were on the internet more than 5 times a day. Of those who accessed the internet, 26% used social media sites more than 5 times a day and 63% of people in Australia use their social media accounts after work or in the evenings.

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Your practice Facebook checklist

By now, there may be many of you already harnessing the power of online marketing with Facebook for your practice and that is fantastic. One of the things I commonly recommend to people is once you are on there, make it work for you and ensure it matches your brand and engages your target audience. Are you doing that? Not sure? Here is my handy checklist to audit your Facebook page.

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