5 cost-effective ways to boost the mental health of your team

This month is mental health month and what better time to stop and consider what you are providing to your team in regards to maintaining a healthy mind in the workplace. You probably know yourself that the ebbs and flows of private practice can take their toll at times, and this can also have an effect on your staff.  I want to share with you some very cost-effective ways can contribute to a healthy mind, for yourself and also your team.

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Are you leading with purpose?

How are you travelling with leading your practice? Are you headed in the right direction? Are you leading with purpose? Coming up to the end of the year, what is in the diary? I hope that you have planned some time to reflect on the year and plan the coming year. If you leave this until Christmas, you might find it a bit hectic, and if you leave it 'til the New Year, you miss the opportunity to plan early so you can hit the ground running!

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Chatting with Jackie O'Connor

At Maida Learning, we always like to get out and about and meet people. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie O’Connor: mum, traveller, masters student and allied health entrepreneur! Jackie has an infectious positive outlook on the possibilities in healthcare for the future and is determined to help the allied health profession reach those heights.

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Do you have leadership skills?

Developing your skills as a leader is important in many aspects of healthcare. Not only does it allow us to have greater success in managing a practice or a service toward a vision, but it allows us also the potential to help our clients who are in need. There are many skills that we can develop as leaders that can also carry over into our performance when assisting clients.

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Hot off the Press!

We are delighted to announce the 2015 finalists in the Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award. To read more about the award and the independent judging panel for this year, click here.

The finalists are (in no particular order):

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How to foster innovation in your practice

Innovation can lead to greater education and knowledge for all practitioners, regardless of location and access to supervisors. When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of innovation, the underlying driver of innovation is creative problem-solving. Fostering this creativity in your workplace can have a direct positive impact on productivity and performance. Sharing, then, of these creative ideas further enhances the development of the allied health workforce nationally which is something I am very excited about!

So, what are you going to do to develop and engage innovation in your workplace?

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Leaders in Allied Health: Meeting Hui-Yu

Last week, I had the wonderful experience of meeting an amazing social worker who put her vision into place at a rehabilitation centre in Northern Tasmania. Hui-Yu is more than a social worker, she is also a mother, and a campaigner for the greater good in healthcare. Yet, she is humble in the process. Part of the quiet revolution in healthcare. We need people like Hui-Yu who are happy to forge ahead with creative problem solving to craft their vision. If you are ever thinking of applying for a grant for your vision, keep reading!

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Our 5 finalists for the Inaugural Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award for 2014!

It’s almost time for the inaugural Amy Geach Hand Therapy Innovation Award for 2014.  This award is a celebration of initiatives in the hand therapy industry that contribute to the development of the profession, through enhancement of patient and service management. Innovation is fantastic in allied health and should be encouraged and rewarded. Innovation refers to the renewing, changing or creating more effective processes, products or ways of doing things. This could include implementing new ideas or creating dynamic products to improve or grow existing services. Innovation is something we are always excited about at Maida Learning, as it can be a catalyst for the growth and success of the allied health professionals in Australia. This award will recognise the diverse ways that hand therapists contribute to the ongoing development of hand therapy nationwide.  Who are our finalists?

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Showcase Practice: The Healthy Eating Hub

At Maida Learning, we celebrate leadership and innovation in the allied health sector and love to share news with you about great ideas, innovative service delivery and practitioners who are embracing their role and thriving as successful business owners. Welcome to the first case study in our Showcase Series.

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What is entrepreneurship anyway, and can we have it in allied healthcare?

The term entrepreneur is not greatly understood I believe. Sometimes, it is associated with really out-there ideas, groundbreaking, wonderful, “hang on to your hat” type ideas, and other times it is associated with the little people starting with little ideas. In healthcare, it is rare to hear of an entrepreneur – and I often think that is because it has been associated so closely over the last 5 years with ‘business’ and ‘youth’ that people have started to feel it is not something that fits in our industry – I completely disagree! There are so many entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry.

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What makes you tick: Interview with Ben Cunningham

Our team member Yvette Howe took 5 minutes with a friend of Maida Learning, Ben Cunningham, to find out his approach to leadership, innovation and business management within the allied health industry.

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Who is our 2017 bright spark?

I feel at times there is a gap between the amazing projects people are doing at their place of work and identification with the word innovation. People are sometimes not confident that what they are doing is actually innovative. Over the years, I have met so many wonderful therapists, and I can tell you, there are so many creative, driven, amazing, innovative therapists within allied health. You definitely do not have to invent things to be innovative!

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