3 great online mental health tools

I often see clients in my practice that are struggling to cope with the changes that come with an injury. These can include loss of function, change of roles, thoughts of an injury or accident, or stress on relationships. There have been times when some of my clients have been waiting for professional counselling services to begin, and I have needed something in the meantime to help them - a tool that I can help them access to provide some interim support. Well, I found something and I was very excited.

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Are your staff learning the right way?

In this modern world where technology can give us so many options, we are pushed to be more knowledgeable in our fields and are questioned by our customers more than ever before.  As business owners, we must ensure we have a well-trained team, who are confident, capable and content.  Happy staff makes happy patients in my opinion.  The trick to ensuring effective staff training is to know how your team learn.

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Check out what's new

Welcome to our new website for Maida learning. We have been working very hard to provide a new resource for allied health professionals.  

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Online reflective learning for student placements

Ever been on a student placement yourself that didn’t really provide a lot of stimulation? Do not worry, some still exist!  A few weeks ago, I attended the Australian and New Zealand Association of Health Professional Educators conference.  Mouthful – let’s call it ANZAHPE for short.  There was a lot of talk about new ways of teaching, so I thought I would share a technology tool that can help you create innovative learning experiences for students that come through your clinic or workplace.

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The GP and allied health relationship (Part 2)

Whilst we need to take an individual approach to how we market our own services and also how our local general practitioners might prefer our marketing materials, I thought I would share with you some ideas on how you might engage with your current referrers, or start to form relationships with potential referrers to your practice. These ideas are based on my own experience, but also on the recent research I have engaged in, that looks into how allied health practitioners market themselves and communicate to GPs.

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Using a mentor to grow your business skills

Ever thought how good it might be to have someone mentor you through a practice decision, help you get started or give you confidence along the way in areas such as marketing, employment and practice growth? This year, Maida Learning is accepting new applications for business mentoring for allied health professionals. How could this help you?

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