3 top ways Trello makes running my practice easier

Trello is an online organisation tool that I came across a few years ago and it has developed into one of my favourite tools to help me stay productive and on track. Some of you already know I moved to Tasmania in January of 2017 and now have practices in different states. That is itself challenging but also very rewarding. Using Trello to track progress in each practice, communicate with staff and keep my to-do list moving, gives me greater to do the things I love.

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3 ways to help your clients attend appointments on time

We have likely all had those days when you start to run behind on your appointments, meaning your upcoming clients are having to wait longer for you to be ready – this can happy for a number of reasons, and one of those is having a previous client turn up late to their appointment. When this is an initial appointment people are running late too, it can really throw out the outcomes you were hoping to achieve and the experience not only of the client but you as well.  What can we do?

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Do these things before asking how you can get more referrals

This week in our membership we have been exploring the topic of getting more referrals. It is a common thing that I hear from many allied health practice owners – how to get more GP referrals? Over the years we have run various online resources about how to communicate to referrers and build a relationship, but I really believe BEFORE you get to that point you need to go back and start at the beginning…….. and ask yourself these questions.

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How to host a productive practice planning day

I used to do a lot of my planning in my head. Just thinking and then making random announcements to my team of new things we were going to start.  Once I applied for a grant to run an after-hours clinic – we were successful, and then I announced the project to my team – I never thought about their thoughts on working after hours!  Certainly, something we should have planned out.  That taught me a valuable lesson in sitting down to plan my practice quarterly with team members.

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The things I wish I knew earlier about running an allied health business

Last year I was brave (and lucky) enough to attend a business retreat where I got a chance to stop and pause and really reflect on where I had been in my business journey and where I was headed.  It was eye-opening, as I had been so busy working, I didn’t realise I had not put my head up for long enough to really survey the situation.  When I finally did on this amazing retreat, I really connected with these things that I wish I had taken notice off much earlier in my business journey.

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Use these allied health blog titles next time you are stuck for content ideas

If you have a blog as a marketing tool for your practice, you might know that feeling that comes with wondering what you will write next? What else can you share to your readers and what knowledge do you have to impart. You might also know that feeling when you self-sabotage and tell yourself you have run out of things to say or that people don’t want to read what you have to say..

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What you need to tell your designer when planning your new practice logo

Today I was asked a great question by one of our members and I wanted to share the tips I shared with her about rebranding her logo.  Picture having a logo that you put together quickly, either yourself or had someone help you with, and then finding a couple of years later it didn’t sing for you. What do you need to think about when you want to redesign your logo.  You can take this information to share with a designer to ensure you get the logo that works for you.

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Why burning boats make the biggest impact in my business

I remember listening to a podcast in the car last year – one of my favourite things to do and I used to do this all the time before I changed to working from home. I would get up early, and travel to work with the sun coming up over the mountains and think about how grateful I was to enjoy the view on the way to work AND learn at the same time. I am a big fan of podcasts.

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