Using daily morning routines to get rid of the overwhelm

So many practice owners I speak to are currently, or have in the past, felt a sense of overwhelm that comes from having too many things to do. This creates numerous offsets in the mind, such as procrastination, inability to think clearly, decreased confidence and forgetting things.  I want to share with you today the benefits of having regular predictable routines each day because this is a GREAT start to decrease overwhelm. 

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3 easy ways to improve happiness for staff in your practice

You have probably heard the saying, “happy staff, happy clients” and I do believe that  - the mood of a workplace is contagious.  This week I was at the airport and I heard a staff member that was working in the airport café say to her colleague “I wish everyone had come to work in a better mood, it’s starting to rub off on more and more people”.  True – you may have felt this yourself at work before.  So what do we do?

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3 ways to help your clients attend appointments on time

We have likely all had those days when you start to run behind on your appointments, meaning your upcoming clients are having to wait longer for you to be ready – this can happy for a number of reasons, and one of those is having a previous client turn up late to their appointment. When this is an initial appointment people are running late too, it can really throw out the outcomes you were hoping to achieve and the experience not only of the client but you as well.  What can we do?

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Beating late night admin work

When I first started my practice back in 2006, I used to work during the day and then do the usual home duties like cook dinner, bath the baby, talk to my husband, do some washing, put the baby to bed, and then when all was settled, go and do my practice admin – it might have been ordering, writing client notes, preparing invoices…. And I did this for a number of years.  I speak to lots of practice owners who are not alone in this.  It is about what suits you, and for those who DON’T like late night admin, I have some tips for you!

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Do these 3 really important things for your practice wait list

What do you do when you don’t have the capacity to take on all the referrals you receive?  When your diary is full, but the new referrals just keep coming.  One of the ways to manage this is to create a waitlist for your services.  Before launching in, there are a couple of things to think about that will help your future clients who are destined for your waitlist.

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