Your brand new resolutions: tips to re-vitalise your practice brand over Christmas

Here in Wagga Wagga, harvesting is nearing completion. This means it’s nearly Christmas! Going into the New Year is a good time to reflect on your brand. Do we need a brand in healthcare? I believe we do. I really think branding in healthcare is underestimated.  We often brand ourselves to our referrers, but do we consider how we engage our clients, our business partners and the public? Branding can seem foreign to the healthcare worker, but I encourage you to get this unsung concept in private practice working more effectively.

A brand allows us to create a ‘business story’ that people can relate to, trust and be attracted to. Not just for your clients, but also for your current and future employees.   Great branding allows our clients to see the value in our services and allows us the confidence to charge what we are worth, and our employees to be involved in something they understand and are proud of. How do you want your services and products to be known in the community? How do you want people to feel when they are part of your service? If you haven’t given it much thought, or feel a bit lost, here are some simple things to think about over Christmas to ensure your brand is active and attracting the audience that you want.

1) What is your business story? How have you gotten to where you are today, where are you headed, why do you do what you do…… Have you tried to write it down? If you have staff, do they know the story?

2) What do you want your clients to experience? Have a look at what you are offering and see if it matches what you had hoped for. Write down three ways you could increase the experiences of your current clients to better fit your desired brand. Updating your décor, for example. Remember it is individual to you and your service. There is no point in producing a copy-cat practice. Make sure you know where you are headed and develop your patient’s experiences around this.

3) Check for consistency. Have a look at your social media, stationary, website, business cards, patient handouts, and any other material you use to communicate with referrers, potential referrers, and your clients. Does it all mirror the same design and reflect quality?

4) Ever sat in your own waiting room? Try it out – there are lots of things to see (or not see!). What is it like from the client’s perspective? Make some notes on the things that match with your brand, and those that you might need to tweak.

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