Which program should I use?

I often get asked which patient software program is best, and my answer is often always the same. There is no one great program that suits all allied health practices. The choice will depend on what you need it to do and what architecture you are running on – Do you have a server? Do you have just one computer? Do you want it to be mobile (taken and accessed on the road with you)? I suggest to practitioners to look around and ask the program suppliers these questions as a starting point:

1. Can it be mobile (available on a tablet), if that suits you?
2. How the data is backed up and protected?
3. Where the data is stored if in the cloud? (under the privacy principles, if outside Australia, you need to let your clients know about this)
4. Are there access restrictions for different staff members?
5. Are you paying for features you don’t need? (this can often happen in programs that are not designed with allied health in mind)
6. Can you customise forms and letter templates to suit your practice?
7. Does it send out SMS (text message) reminders to clients?
8. Will it cope with an expanding practice?
9. Is it compatible with NDIS, Medicare, DVA, or other funding bodies that are applicable to your practice?
10. Does it link with your accounting software program? (for example: Xero or MYOB)
11. If it is an online system, what happens when the internet is not working?
12. If you are transferring from another software company, can they upload that data, and what will it cost?
13. If you decide to leave one day, how can you take your data with you and what will that cost?
14. What is the cost?
15. What support and training is available?

I always recommend to practitioners to contact the companies and ask for a trial of the programs initially to see if you find them easy to use.

To help you decide and work through the above list, we have started the process off for you with our very own comparison table of allied health patient software programs! 

Click here to access the comparison table.


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