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I have 7 staff members and this year we were awarded the Wagga Wagga business chamber award for employer of choice.  Managing staff is not the easiest thing I have tackled in my career.  I was trained as a clinician, and definitely not trained in managing staff.  Before I started any recruitment, I took myself off to study HR management to ensure I was more likely to get it right, and 6 years on from recruiting my first staff member I feel like finally, I feel confident that I am going ok.  

This year our practice won the Wagga Wagga Business Chamber Employer of Choice.  For someone not trained in managing a team, I was very honoured to receive this award.   It is one thing to get the right staff in the first place, but it is another to keep staff happy and motivated so they are working towards the goals of your service.  We often have expectations form our staff on how well they perform, but they also have expectations from us as managers and supervisors that we can forget. So, what do employees want?

 There are 11 important things that employees reasonably expect of their supervisors:

 1.      Want to know “what is my job”

 2.      Want your respect, support, and guidance

 3.      Want to know that you will deal with problem employees to create a fair workplace

 4.      Want you to train them so they feel confident

 5.      Want access to information that allows them to complete their job well

 6.      What to know the answer to the question “whom do I report to?”

 7.      Employees want to know how they are doing in their performance

 8.      Want to know the rewards for top performance

 9.      Want to be part of a winning team, with a confident boss

 10.  Want to know where their workplace is going and the plans for the future

 11.  Want their employers to recognise that they have a life outside of work

If you pay attention to these 11 things employees want in a job, you will have a real opportunity to create a team of inspired and highly engaged employees.   One of the key take-home messages is that if you want your people to be better, you have to be better as a leader.  If you don’t feel you are a good leader, then get out and engage in some more training for yourself.  Human resource management is a good place to start, and these courses are offered at community colleges, TAFE, and sometimes through your local business enterprise centre.

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