Start small to overcome your biggest hurdle

I often ask allied health practitioners what they feel their biggest daily challenge is, and one of the most frequent replies is not having enough time to get things done. Today, I want to share with you how you can start small to manage that big feeling of overwhelm when we are run off our feet with "busyness".

Let's not go down the path of "time management" today! Let's start from a different angle. Let's look at time acknowledgement.

That means, recognising where you spend your time and being accountable for it. 

I have been using an app called Toggl for a while now. Toggl is a simple time tracker you can use for free on your desktop or smartphone to work out exactly how much time you are spending on particular tasks. You simply leave the app open and pop in a new task (or project) when you start it. Toggl will then keep track of time taken to complete the task.

If you are feeling that you never have enough hours in the day, consider using Toggl for a set period (1 or 2 weeks) to really break down where your time goes. You can then look back and see in real terms what certain tasks "cost" you, and look at appropriate strategies if required to address those areas which may not be spent efficiently.

Types of things to track

Here are some ways that you may spend your time each day - remember to track all of these!

  • Book keeping
  • Ordering online
  • Supervision
  • Talking with staff about work
  • Talking with staff socially
  • Treatment of clients
  • Writing notes
  • Checking emails
  • Phone calls
  • Posting on social media
  • Waiting for a coffee

Don't worry if you forget to track something, Toggl will let you add/adjust time retrospectively as well (e.g. say if you had set it going as you were checking emails, then, were called away for something, you can stop the time and adjust it accordingly as you did not spend the whole time checking emails!)

Why not sign in to Toggl now, and give it a go - you will find it refreshing to acknowledge where your time goes each day, and be in a better position to make decisions.

Happy Toggling! Let me know what you discover!

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