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When you first start out on Facebook, it can take a little time to get your following to occur. If you expect to get on Facebook as a practice and get instant new referrals within a week, I would say your goals are a little over-ambitious. Growing an audience on Facebook takes time and dedication.

Once you get past all your friends and family who have liked your page, you need to make sure you can then continue to grow your audience or the only people seeing what you are doing are your devoted friends and family who would love it anyway, even if you weren't on Facebook.

How can we grow audience then? You need to tell people you are on Facebook in the first place. It is not the best idea to just assume people will work it out for themselves.

Here are 5 ideas to get the word out:

1. A sign in your waiting room letting people know they can follow you on Facebook

2. A link on the bottom of your emails in your email signature that takes people straight to your Facebook page

3. A Facebook URL printed on your business cards or appointment cards

4. A link people on your website that leads straight to your Facebook page

5. Seeking permission from your clients to snap a picture of them to add to your Facebook page (I suggest written consent is a good idea). They will then know about your page, and be more inclined to go to it to check out their photo and share it with their Facebook friends.

Make sure you make it easy for people to find your Facebook business page. The search facilities in Facebook I do not find great. It is really hard for example, to search for a physiotherapist in Launceston, without knowing a name to search for. If your practice is called Riverina Kids Therapy for example, but your Facebook page is called Kids Therapy Wagga, people will not be able to find it on Facebook well as they will probably type Riverina Kids Therapy into the search tool. If you have a different name, make sure when you are telling people you are on Facebook, that you tell them the name to look for.

Happy Facebooking!

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