Preparing for Easter

With Easter not far away, hopefully, you have started to think about what you need to do at your practice when there is a holiday period. Easter eggs have been out in force this year in the shops – for a while too – each time I grocery shop, I panic about when Easter is and if I am organised. Seems to always sneak up on me, even though the signs of Easter are in the shops for months!! The Easter period means different things to each of us, but the common thread, if you are running a private practice, is that you may have a closure period coming up. Here are 5 things to consider this Easter in your practice.

The things you need to consider are the same as any holiday closure period throughout the year, and the key is to be organised and have systems in place.

  1. If you have staff – make sure you look correctly into what you need to pay your staff over Easter. Under our award, (MA000027) we are required to pay the public holidays to staff on salary based on the Fair Work Act. Check out the Fair Work Act website to ensure you are up to date with your obligations as an employer ( Casual paid workers are not paid for public holidays unless they come in a work.
  2. Do your clients and referrers know your opening hours? An email to people letting them know when you are available or putting a sign up in your waiting room if you have rooms. It is also worth considering changing your phone voicemail to alert people when you are open over Easter time.
  3. Who is covering you over Easter? If you have staff having time off for Easter or the school holidays, who is doing your work for you? What should your client’s do when you are away? Consider getting them to contact a colleague if they need something, or leave you a message that you will return. Every one of us prefers things differently when we are away from the office, so try to think of what would suit you and go from there. Remember to also think about all the other things that you do…payroll, paying invoices, ordering equipment – who will do those if you are taking leave? Which things can wait until you come back? If some can’t, work out a plan now about how you will ensure those are not left unattended.
  4. If you or your staff are away for more than the public holidays, make sure you remember to set up an ‘out of office’ reply on your email to let people know when you will be back to work. This saves people thinking you are not responsive to your emails! People will not like to think that you don’t care about them.
  5. The final tip relates to a webinar we ran earlier this month on managing energy in your practice. When you are away from your rooms or office, turn off appliances or devices that you don’t need running whilst you are on leave.  Ensure that things like the air conditioning are not set to come on automatically in your rooms whilst you are away. This will provide significant savings for you over the course of a year.

Start to get prepared today by going through the above areas and scheduling time in your diary to get them done.

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