My Favourite Apps for 2016

Each year, I like to share my favourite mobile apps. I don’t like to have too many apps on my devices as I get a little lost and forget about some of them but there are a few that I use frequently. Apps are a great way to keep organised on the run. I often split my work between home and my clinic rooms so it is vital for me to have a system where I can access items at home at work and when out and about on the road or when travelling.

Two important things about apps in my opinion:

1. They need to ensure my time use is efficient. Whilst I do LOVE stationary and seem to always have a notebook or two hanging around, I do like the convenience of mobile apps as they help me not have to carry around a lot of paper. The apps we select for business need to provide us an efficient solution.

2. They need to be ad free – so I am often willing to pay a little more for the ad free version of an app if I like it.

Here are my latest three favourite apps that I use regularly:

Facebook Pages Manager

This app helps you manage your practice Facebook page on the go. From the app, it is easy to share content and photos, check messages that may have been received and also review basic insights about the visitors to my site. This can include information on the number of people that posts have engaged, views of each page and number of new likes. The app also allows me to easily access different business pages that I have.


This app is great. Australian made, it helps you identify safe periods in the day time to go outside and soak up some Vitamin D. The SunSmart app allows you to personalise the settings to give you information about protection you need, 7-day weather forecast and sun protection advice provided by the Bureau of Meteorology. The inbuilt Vitamin D tracker helps you ensure you are getting your daily dose.

Receipt Bank

I love this app. Receipt Bank helps you manage your finances by getting rid of manual data entry of purchases. Receipt Bank is great if you are like me and are prone to losing receipts – especially those little ones that you cram into your bag that fade after a week! When you first join Receipt Bank, spend some time setting up your preferences. Using the Receipt Bank app, you can take a photo of the receipt or invoice and upload it. Overnight, the information is processed and once you approve this, a simple press of a button links the information straight to your accounting software program, in my case, Xero. This app has saved me so much time – and it actually tells you how much time you save – brilliant!

Happy app finding!

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