My 3 Favourite Apps for 2014

How wonderful it is to have technology at our fingertips, but how often do we get lost in which apps and websites are best for our business vision, and how to align them so they are not time-consuming to launch into?  Last night we heard from Megan Iemma in our webinar on being tech savvy in private practice, and she definitely highlighted that being savvy is not just about choosing the right platforms, it is also about how we use the analytics behind the scenes to achieve the best results, and the tips for making each platform manageable from a time efficiency point of view.   I wanted to share the following apps with you all as they have saved me time and increased my work organisation dramatically over the last twelve months.


Trello is a cloud-based application that you can have on any device.  Trello allows you to create boards and within each board, you create tasks to do.  You can name them whatever you like, create a due date, share with someone else, track progress of tasks, categorise, add attachments and images to tasks, and add checklists.  The great thing is that you can add other people and share boards, which enables each person to update the task progress as they go. The other great thing I love about Trello is I can email things from my email inbox straight onto a board as a task.  If I want to move the task, I just drag and drop it to another list or board.


Pocket is an app that allows you to store a list of any website addresses you want to visit later, or those ones you want to remember.  On my web browser page, I have a small Pocket icon, so if I happen to be on a webpage I want to remember, just click on the icon and it saves the page into a list for me.  I can them go back and read and archive sites that I no longer need to remember.  Being a visual person, this is great for me as it lists things as a collage. I can tag and ‘favourite’ different pages that are important.  Pocket is quick, free and easy to use and add free which I love!


Pandora is a music application and it is amazing.  If you haven’t heard of it, download it!  You can go to the website and register – it’s free, and you can basically create your own radio station of your favourite songs.  Just add in a few you like and Pandora will automatically find other music that matches your tastes.  I often use this at work for some background noise while I am working.  It is available as an phone or tablet app, or you can use it through your computer browser. Sometimes I work best in the quiet, but other times I get so much more done with a little music to rock things out to!

Happy app time!


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