How to stop feeling “Oh nutmeg, my to do list is to do long!”

Having started to plan the upcoming year, I spent some time today going over my to-do list and getting it organised ready for January.  I love to-do lists but have had to work really hard over the last two years to contain them.  Here’s how I changed several to-do lists into one working to-do list…….

Firstly, I made sure I scheduled the important tasks early on in the week when I was more energised.  This meant if things came up midweek, there was no longer a mad dash to get things underway before 5pm on a Friday.

Secondly, I made sure I planned each day so I could get three things accomplished.  Big or small, just three things.  Anything more than that then seemed like I had a very productive day.  I work best in the mornings before everyone else gets going, or late into the night when I get my second wind.  Everyone has their own time when they feel most alert and productive.  Use this time to get three items completed that need some brain power, and leave the other routine tasks for other times in the day.

Thirdly, I hooked myself up with the app Wunderlist, which syncs my list on my home and work computers, as well as my mobile devices.  The best thing about it is I can forward items from my email inbox to Wunderlist, and it includes all the content.  A double bonus as this declutters my email inbox, and means I don’t have to waste time creating the to-do – it goes in automatically.  Wunderlist lets you share lists with colleagues, and friends (and husbands!).

My fourth piece of advice is being realistic about what you can achieve.  A wise lady recently taught me to park some ideas away, rather than adding them onto the to-do list for later. This meant my to-do list stayed relevant and current.   I wasn’t sure where to park these extra ideas initially, until I came across Google Keep.  A fun and visual way to store ideas, that is compatible with my work computer and my iPad for when I go wandering around the nation thinking up all sorts of things!  

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