How to check if you are paying staff enough

When we employ staff, once you have been through the orientation process and probation period, it can be often then forgotten to regularly check during their employment that you still have them on the right wage.  Have you thought about additional factors such as a uniform allowance, or travel money?  In Australia, we are governed by the Fair Work Act when it comes to hiring and managing our employees.  What does the Fair Work Act say about pays for allied health professionals?

Under the Fair Work Act, all employees must be paid weekly or fortnightly.  The only exception to this is an agreement with the majority of employees who are happy to be paid on a monthly basis.  Wages can be paid by one, or a combination of cash, cheque or money order, or by electronic funds transfer. 

How do we know if we are paying enough?  If you download the modern award for Health Professionals and Support Services MA000027, you will be able to review the minimum wages chart.  This is divided into classifications for both health professionals and also for support staff.  Making sure your staff members have been classified correctly is very important as this affects the pay rate that they will receive.

Another way to check pay and allowances is to use the Fair Work Act PayCheck system.  This allows you to search for the award applicable to your workplace.

Under the award you have selected, you can then add in the classifications that your team members are under, as well as adding the allowances that would apply to your workplace.  In allied health, these are often things like laundry allowance, or uniform allowance if your staff are required to wear a uniform.  They might also include travel allowance or overtime.



Once you have entered in all your criteria for your staff, you will receive a summary which is up to date, easy to access and you will also have the ability to save the information for use later through the Fair Work Act portal.



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