Healthy habits to help your business

There is not a great deal of point in spending time writing your goals if you are not prepared to then spend time facilitating their achievement during the year. It is important to set some habits around goal achievement and also give yourself some motivation for this.

For example, if your goal is to maintain your current client caseload and increase what you are offering your current clients over the coming year, yet you are focusing on social media and marketing to get new people in the door, the goal to help out your current clients does not really come to fruition. So what we need to make sure, is that we focus on our goals and I recommend you do this on a regular basis.

Imagine if you did one thing every day to grow your business – that would be 365 tasks completed towards growing your business a year! That is a lot, imagine the great ideas we could put into action then! Realistically, you might not do that on the weekends – but if you dedicated even just 5 minutes a day toward your goals, it can make a significant difference in the long run and you will be thanking yourself towards the end of each year.

I try to set myself weekly goals on Trello – I have a board called 2017 – which will then be called 2018, and I have a list for things to do on Monday, Tuesday and so on. Each Monday, I get on and list the things I need to do that week, which could be write a blog, develop a flyer or run an in-service - tasks that relate to a business goal I have set.

Things that we also need to consider in our daily or weekly routine are things that help us stay clear, focused, and alert. So, this includes all those things you already know about but might neglect at times – good eating, exercise, time for fun, time with friends and family, and so on.

Rewards work well for me…they help me to cease the procrastination and get on with things. Things that you might consider as rewards might be: some time off, downloading the next season of your favourite show, a night out to dinner, going out to breakfast, a new can be anything – big or small - what ever keeps you motivated.

Try reviewing your goals today and any that have sat dormant this year, schedule in some time to work your way to achieving them.

Have a great rest of the week!

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