Building your allied health brand

Your brand is not just your logo or an advertising campaign on social media. Your brand is comprised of both tangible and intangible aspects of your business that differentiates your service from your competitors. Understanding branding concepts are so important on both an individual level and from a practice perspective.

Branding needs to begin simply with an idea and the brand will become more successful if your idea differs from your competitors. A starting point is your own customers. Who are they and what do they need or want? Your idea can also be about filling a gap in the market. You will not develop a clear brand if you do not have your idea sorted out first. Once you get this part concrete in your mind, you then need to make sure you translate the idea into a brand and this can be achieved by ensuring your practice vision and values are integrated to create a personality to your brand. Even in healthcare, we need to make sure that this personality we create makes our services and products stand out and provide value for our clients and consumers.

Putting time into your ideas, linking them to a brand through personality and connecting it well to your product through marketing is something that you should spend time doing. Blocking off an hour each fortnight to work on this is a great idea, and I love this quote by Stephen King, an advertising executive, which states “A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless”. So true. Don’t put off working on this – even if you have just started a practice or have been in the game a while or private practice is just a light bulb in your mind at present – my advice would be not to neglect this part of running a business. Sole therapists, public services, and team practices – everyone can benefit.

If you want to learn more about branding your healthcare service or branding yourself as a professional, you might be very interested to learn we are covering this in detail at our Healthy Practice Event coming up in Brisbane. If you are keen to come along, we will:
- Explore the role of your personal brand within the allied health industry and wider community
- Identify the touchpoints associated with your business brand
- Discover ways to strengthen your brand from market research
- Learn how to brand match your marketing

For more information about the event costs and other topics, click here. I will be speaking, along with other amazing members of our Healthy Practice 2016 team whose knowledge I greatly value and we look forward to seeing lots of savvy private practice peeps there.


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