Are you leading with purpose?

How are you travelling with leading your practice? Are you headed in the right direction? Are you leading with purpose? Coming up to the end of the year, what is in the diary? I hope that you have planned some time to reflect on the year and plan the coming year. If you leave this until Christmas, you might find it a bit hectic, and if you leave it 'til the New Year, you miss the opportunity to plan early so you can hit the ground running!

Too busy? Have not thought about it? Thought about it, but haven't organised anything yet? Or maybe you are well-sorted in this part of your practice? Wherever you are, this is a very important step in practice! Reflecting on where you have been and using the good, the bad and the 'aha' moments to build a plan for the future. If you have staff, they will thank you for the opportunity to come into the New Year energised with a direction.

Schedule a date to sit down where you will create your plan and vision for next year. Set it for around the end of November so you have time to review the following:

Review your satisfaction with your practice this year. Did you end up this year where you thought you would? If yes, what helped? Was it your work-life balance, was it new referrals coming in, was it the consolidation of systems to help your efficiency?

If it has not turned out to be a great year for you, why not? List the reasons, but do it in a way where you are not being critical of yourself. We all have a starting point with many things to learn along the way.

If you have staff, are they happy? Are they loyal, producing great work, and skilled in the areas you need them to be? Each year I complete a competency survey with my staff to look at all the areas my team feel confident in, and those they would like additional help with. This allows me to individually tailor training in the New Year and meet the needs of my practice as well as my staff.

Are your clients happy? Have you asked them? Is there anything you would like to learn from your clients before the New Year that would help you prepare for the upcoming year? Knowing what makes your service valuable to your clients is wonderful information to have and you often have to ask them this to get the details. Knowing what your clients love about your service will help you to keep doing those things well next year and vice versa for the things they might not love.

What about the other internal and external factors that have the ability to affect your practice? This time of year is a good time to sit down and look at your SWOT analysis. This is a table showing your strengths and weaknesses internal to your practice, such as space, customer service or therapy skill levels. A SWOT analysis also includes external opportunities and threats you may experience. These may include things like competition, new funding bodies for client care, or new premises opening up creating a new referral base.

Once you have researched the above, sit down on your planned day and go through the things that are important to your vision. What are the top 5 things that you will work in as a practice next year? What are the top 5 things you will avoid doing?! Share this with your team. Stick your list up somewhere so you are reminded of the direction you are aiming for next year.

Don't wait until January to start this, start now!! You can do it, and it's one leadership job to do where you will thank yourself later!

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