5 rules for branding in allied health this year

Every allied health practice has a brand. Your brand helps to add value to your services, reduce dissatisfaction for your customers, imply a level of quality to your services and showcase the personality of your practice. Your brand is very important and it is one thing that you should always think of when you make decisions going forward. Here are 5 rules to ensure you consider when you are working towards your goals.

1. You have to know it before you can grow it. A lot of practices don’t know their own brand. It is important that you know who you are as a practice, where you have been, what your story is, and where you are going. Not only should you know but your team should know this as well.

2. Great brands establish enduring customer relationships. Brands need to ensure there is a positive relationship with the customer. Your practice is more than a splint, more than a consultation about nutrition, more than a foot analysis. Your practice needs to provide a feeling of trust and emotion in your customers. 

3. Everything matters. I often talk about this when I present about marketing and branding and it is very true. Even the restroom matters. Don’t forget about all the aspects of your practice and how they are representing your brand.

4. Big is no excuse for being bad. It certainly can be much harder to deliver a consistent brand as your practice grows - there are more balls to juggle. Remember to continue to place good customer experience and people before your profits and maintain your great branding even when you are growing. When you are expanding an area of your practice, ensure you think about the brand and how it will be affected by the expansion. What are the things you can do to ensure you stay consistent?

5. Relevance, simplicity, and humanity. Each year in my hand therapy practice we hand write Christmas cards to clients. Is this extremely time-consuming? Yes. Is this more costly than a group email? Yes. But it is an important aspect of our brand. The simplicity of receiving a hand-written card is something to appreciate and I encourage you to think of things that are simple, honest and authentic and will set you apart from your competing brands into the future.


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