5 cost-effective ways to boost the mental health of your team

This month is mental health month and what better time to stop and consider what you are providing to your team in regards to maintaining a healthy mind in the workplace. You probably know yourself that the ebbs and flows of private practice can take their toll at times, and this can also have an effect on your staff.  I want to share with you some very cost-effective ways can contribute to a healthy mind, for yourself and also your team.

  1. Direction: Setting goals that are achievable and that ‘make sense’ to everyone gives purpose, a sense of direction and also something to look forward to. Make them visible so your team know them and remember them. Remember a goal does not have to be related to profit, client numbers, or stats! It can be fun as well, a countdown to the Christmas party, or a tally board of compliments received at the practice over the coming month.

  2. Positivity: Finding the good in things, big or small, can help to create a positive vibe in your practice. Make it part of each day, or each meeting to name things that have been going well and areas of the practice where you are all nailing it as a team. Celebrate these by talking about them and highlighting them.  Too often we get caught up talking about what needs fixing.

  3. Exercise: We know the benefits of this right, but so busy I the day, we often don’t get much time. I once wore a pedometer and thought I would smash in the steps walking around my clinic all day, but was horrified to realise it wasn’t far at all that I was walking after all. Introducing a walk during the week at work is a good way to boost morale, get outside, and chat. Try picking one day and get your team out there.

  4. Give: Doing something for someone else just because you can, is always something that should be fostered in a workplace. Carrying out an act of kindness can boost happiness. Create a team ‘giving’ activity, for example choosing as a team a charity to support going forward, or an activity to volunteer at. We have in the past volunteered out time at the local school fete making plaster casts for kids (they love it and it was a great team bonding time!).

  5. Provide the tools: Sharing resources with your team that can assist with mental health allows people a self-help option. Resources that you could share with your team might include links to inspiring TED talks, specific podcast episodes that speak about how to nurture yourself and manage work-life balance, or it might be in the form of apps that are available for guided meditation, help with sleeping or uplifting ‘go get em’ quotes…. Can never have too many quotes, right?!

There are so many small easy ways you can help your team with happiness and healthy minds in the workplace. You just have to start.

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