4 simple steps to plan your new year

There is a wonderful quote that I love… “If you don’t change where you are going, you will end up where you are going”.  Now, that is a great plan if you are really happy with where you are going… but if you have hit complacent mode or are just stuck in your routine… stuck in bad habits… think about whether those are the places you want to continue to go in your practice or in your personal life.  What are you going to do in 2017? I have put together some steps to help you get organised early on and make a plan for this year.

Step 1: Dream big!

You have heard it before – dream big – sometimes harder to do than you think.  Why is it harder?  Because we often link our dreams to thoughts or blockers that can get in the way (such as thinking, “nope… that is not possible”).  The other thing we do that can limit our ‘big dreams’ is putting too much thought into the ‘how’ of getting to them…. What the road might look like, and that can be off-putting I think it is important to think about two aspects here…. business growth and also happiness and joy.  So, the first step is to allow some big ideas to be written down without the ‘how’.  

Step 2: Keep track

How will you keep on track with these ideas? – it can be easy to get busy and forget them.  It is a good idea to write them down on a goal sheet or you might add them to a Pinterest board, to a Trello board (if you are an electronic note kind of person), or in a notebook that you keep handy.

Step 3: Identify the blockers

We all have them.  A blocker can be that voice in your head that tells you things like:

“You don’t have enough experience to pull that off”

“That won’t really work”

“People won’t get on board with that”

“I am not confident enough to do it”

Write down blockers that you might have experienced before… being really honest. You might also find it helpful to talk to others about the blockers – I talked only recently to my husband about the things that were blocking me going into 2017 – and we chatted about solutions, and it was incredible, without sounding corny, how much that really helped to articulate what were the negative things holding me back and what I was going to do about them. 

Step 3: Immerse yourself in your goals

This is really important.  Immersing yourself in your goals. It can be easy to forget the goals and ideas that you come up with when times get busy and you have to bunker down and get your clinical work done.  On a day to day basis it is hard to fit in time to stop and think of where you are headed.  One way to really ensure you stay on track towards your goals is to immerse yourself in them.  Having reminders around your workplace, or at home is a great way to start.  The take-home message is to focus on the things that you want to grow and do this in a consistent way. 

Step 4: Habits

There is not a great deal of point in spending time working on your goals if you are not prepared to then spend time facilitating their creation during the year.  It is important to set some habits around goal achievement and also give yourself some motivation for this.

I hope that this has helped get you started on your goals for 2017.  Have fun, keep focused and put little steps in place on a regular basis that will help you towards your dreams.

Happy 2017!


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