3 top ways Trello makes running my practice easier

Trello is an online organisation tool that I came across a few years ago and it has developed into one of my favourite tools to help me stay productive and on track. Some of you already know I moved to Tasmania in January of 2017 and now have practices in different states. That is itself challenging but also very rewarding. Using Trello to track progress in each practice, communicate with staff and keep my to-do list moving, gives me greater to do the things I love.

If you haven’t come across Trello yet, or you have started but are not sure if you are using it to its full advantage, then this blog might give you some insights into how Trello can make your week easier. So here are my favourite things about Trello

It unclogs my email. I get a lot of emails, and when I had a look at the emails that were popping up in my inbox, half of them were from my own team – back and forwards checking on things, asking things, sharing things, and all the normal communication that goes on with emailing these days.  By moving some of our tasks to Trello as a team, means that communication around those tasks stays in Trello and I know where to find it. No more email trails and no more searching email for that little bit of information that went missing! 

The second thing I love about Trello is also to do with emails.  Frequently, I will receive an email that I might want to keep, take action later or add to my to-do list. I like to do this out of emails so I have one spot where I keep all my task I need to do – rather than flicking between systems for this. Trello allows me to email straight from my inbox right to a Trello board – adding an email right onto the to-do list I choose. Whatever I write in the email subject when forwarding it becomes the name of the task on my Trello board. This really helps to keep my email storage down.

My third favourite thing is that Trello lets me filter my tasks on my to-do list two main ways. Sometimes, when you are busy and have lots of tasks to do, your list can look a little overwhelming.  If you have taken the time to apply a label to a task (a tag), then you will be able to filter all the tasks relating to that label. For example, if you wanted to look for all your tasks on a board that was related to setting up your new website, and you had created a label called ‘new website’ you would be able to apply the filter and just see those tasks related to the website.  Another way to filter tasks is to filter based on your team members. This is great for me, but also great for my team. By filtering by a team member name, I can see all the tasks that have been allocated to that team member. Similarly, for my team, they can filter then all the tasks that they are involved in, rather than being overwhelmed with always seeing everyone’s tasks if team members share a Trello board for work.

As with any app or online tool, you need to put some time into planning and working out what the problem is you are trying to solve. Will Trello solve a problem in your practice – it certainly has in mine, but you will need to decide if it is the right one for you.  It’s free, so if anything, you can sign up and have a trial and see what you think.

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