3 online tools for the down and out practice owner

Calling all allied health practice owners feeling in a bit of rut. Things not going your way, feeling a bit helpless in your quest for the balance, or just tired.  Following on from our previous post, we want to keep sharing tips and resources for managing your mental health as a practice owner.  Private practice can be a lot of fun, and I get so much satisfaction and joy from my team and my clients.  But… it is not without stress as well. There are lots of ebbs and flows in our private practice world. Some of these are within our control and some are not.  Today, I share three online programs that can assist your mental health this month….

I listened to a podcast this month and the guest speaker was James Wedmore, who I had the opportunity to listen to at a conference in Toronto earlier this year.  On the podcast James talked about being an entrepreneur and that 80% of success comes from the mind…. Wow! That is a lot – and what I find in my own journey is yes, a lot of the success I have had in my practices is when I have been in a positive mindset. So this October, I want you to take check of your mindset.  Maybe you need to tweak your mood, increase the happiness factor, or simply declutter your mind and spend some quiet time on something like yoga.  These are three online tools worth looking into if you are feeling in a funk. 

  1. MoodKit - an app that allows you to track your mood and change unhealthy mindsets - like when you get all down and 'glass half full'. This app helps you to bring back the happiness and positive factor. It trains you to do it! Pretty clever.

  2. Yogaglo- this is online yoga - and I love it. Perfect for me, as I live in a rural area so there is no local yoga classes (not that I would probably go, I am more of a solo exercising peep to confess to you). Yogaglo allows you to pick individual online classes or take a series of classes. It will even send you a reminder if you need one.

  3. Happify- This little app allows you to score your happiness factor and then work on simple daily strategies to increase your happiness. We talked recently over in the Facebook Group about 'playing' more as adults and spending time each day on something you absolutely loved - we set a challenge. Some did crochet, some walked dogs, some looked up home reno images (that was me!). This little app can help you track all sorts of small things in your life that contribute to your happiness. They claim 86% of frequent users are happier in 2 months!

Here's to having a happy practice, and being a happy practice owner!

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