How to maximise your morning routine for success

I never used to be a morning routine person. I thought I didn’t like doing the same thing each day but turns out, my morning routine is SO important in predicting how the rest of my day will flow.  After many years in private practice, I have come to the realisation that having my specific morning routine is sacred and key to a successful day.  Here is what I recommend to maximise yours:

Commit to a morning routine: It does not have to be anything heavy and cumbersome to begin with – something light to set the mood for the day is ideal. When we wake up each morning we are setting a tone for the rest of the day until we are back in bed, so committing to the process of ‘setting up’ the day each morning is the first thing.

I recently read (and re-read) ‘Get Remarkably Organised’ by Lorraine Murphy and it is a fantastic book to get you back to the basics of feeling more in control of your life in many ways. She talks on morning routines and I wanted to share three things she highlights for a good morning routine that I think are brilliant.

Create space for your mind: This means a no-technology wake-up. Not rolling over and looking for your phone to check email or social media. It means allowing your mind the space it needs to think and prioritise you and your energy before getting to the rest of the world. You can create space in your mind by lying in bed for 5 minutes daydreaming or meditating; making a cup of tea and sitting to drink it; writing in a journal; walking a dog.

Next, you need to put some focus into your morning routine. This involves not only focussing on what you need to do that day but what you want out of life. It means reflecting on your goals and taking a few moments to check in with the road ahead and consciously remind yourself where are want to be and how you are getting there. You can do this by writing down your goals each morning – yes, the same goals, over and over – because this helps you to stay focused on them. Once you have written down your longer-term goals, focus your attention on what you need to do that day – a simple to do list is great.

The third thing that you need in your morning routine is energy. We need to be at our peak to get productive in the mornings when we arrive at work… so doing lots of energy zapping activities in the morning might not be the best idea. We are all zapped of energy by different things – there is NO WAY I would go to a morning gym session, or go out for coffee in a busy café – energy zapping right there – so I avoid those things (plus I don’t even like coffee!).  Things that give me energy, however, are the things I engage in – for me listening to a podcast on the way to work helps to really motivate me. Find out the things that zap your energy and eliminate those, and add in the things that build your energy.

Happy mornings to you!

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