13 ideas for your allied health practice in the new year

There are two things that I am a believer in when it comes to running a private practice in the allied health space, and that is being true to yourself and remaining authentic, and the second is standing out and being brave enough to try something different. I don’t like being complacent in practice – it’s important to inject new ideas each year. I have the following 10 ideas to help spark your creativity for the upcoming new year.

Not all of these will suit your practice, but I hope it gives you some juice to think of ideas that will match your brand and your services to add a little oomph to your practice. My advice… just pick one thing and give it a go… then pick another. Trying to do it all at once just adds overwhelm – and no one wants that in the new year!

  1. Update your practice website with some photos you have had taken professionally of you with your clients.
  2. Give back through volunteering or donating to a good cause that is close to your heart
  3. Offer free WI-Fi to your clients and encourage them to use it to access your website, or download an app that can help with their outcomes such as a sleeping app, mindfulness app, anatomy app etc
  4. Run a free education session for your clients on a topic that will complement the work you are doing with them – a guest speaker is a great idea if you are not keen on public speaking
  5. Send yourself, or your staff, to training in resilience, emotional intelligence, or communication skills – you will thank yourself later!
  6. Organise a way for clients to complete any forms for you online either via an app or via your website.
  7. Create a welcome video sharing your story and your passion for your work to show to clients when you first meet them
  8. Implement small ways to reward your staff for working towards the practice’s values (gym membership, tickets to the movies, book voucher)
  9. Add a chat feature to your website to answer questions when people are visiting your site
  10. Provide a flow chart or roadmap for clients about the journey that others have taken with similar diagnoses or situations to them
  11. Create a ‘how to’ guide to help clients prepare for their first session with you
  12. Create a video explaining to your staff the vision of the practice, and how they can be involved.
  13. Create a group chat system for your team, such as WhatsApp or Slack so it is easier to communicate with one another

Put your thinking cap on and allow yourself to be transported into the shoes of your clients and your staff – what would they need or want to improve their experience with you and your practice?



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