The things I wish I knew earlier about running an allied health business

Last year I was brave (and lucky) enough to attend a business retreat where I got a chance to stop and pause and really reflect on where I had been in my business journey and where I was headed.  It was eye-opening, as I had been so busy working, I didn’t realise I had not put my head up for long enough to really survey the situation.  When I finally did on this amazing retreat, I really connected with these things that I wish I had taken notice off much earlier in my business journey.

There are always things we can feel regretful for or wish we had approached differently – but this is not one of those things…. It is just a crafted message to you to help you learn earlier what I learnt later than I preferred!  These following things are really important to keep the front of mind when you are forging your own practice journey.

  1. Trust in the journey – starting and running a practice is just that – a journey, and like any journey, there are things that go right the first time, things that go wrong, things that take longer than expected and things that go so well they surprise you! It is all part of the process and it is what makes running a practice different each month.  It won’t be perfect, and maybe you won’t get what you thought you wanted when you wanted it – but trust that this is part of the pathway that you are on and embrace it.

  2. Fails are needed – oh, I have had so many fail moments…. Lots of them. But they really are not complete fails if I have learnt from them, which I have. Each fail has made me stronger, helped me see the greater picture, and developed my leadership skills. I truly believe that each fail was put there to teach me something. If you have had a fail, that’s ok. Learn and move on.

  3. It’s never going to be perfect – for a perfectionist like me, it has taken me SO long to get my head around just starting something, just completing something and sharing the benefit with others than trying to make everything absolutely perfect – the perfect practice is not always practical and the time you can spend trying to create it can be a pressure cooker! Instead, I think we should strive for a Healthy Practice. One that runs cohesively to serve our clients, based on our values and allows us the time and ability to reach our visions. If you are a perfectionist, find some ways of letting some of that go (not all of it!), but just a bit. Take the pressure off a little.

  4. Taking time to pause is not something to feel guilty about – I never used to stop much because I thought that was a luxury, and I just didn’t have time! Crazy, but I am a born hard worker.  Without pausing though, and stopping to look up and around the business and my own life, it is easy to get stuck in the same routines.  That is ok unless your routines are actually preventing your vision from coming to life.  I always pause now. Just time to sit, think, daydream, stare out the window.  It’s amazing the clarity this brings.

If these resonate with you, let me know – I love hearing from like-minded allied health professionals  - feel free to drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Happy business owning!



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