Do you know what you need to create your own healthy practice?

I often talk to people about having the ‘ideal’ practice, something that they can love and a business that can give them the things in life they like, but that doesn’t just happen – you have to work at it. Just like ourselves, where a healthy body and mind gives us the energy, resilience and focus to take on life’s challenges, a healthy practice also allows us to take on the ebbs and flows in health care and still benefit from the wonderful attributes that private practice brings…. without bringing in negative stress to your life. So what is a healthy practice?

A Healthy Practice runs smoothly, with a motivated team.  It operates with all functions and processes working together cohesively, and without the need for you to be there day in and day out. Without the need for you to be up at night completing admin tasks.  Without the need for you to ‘fix’ things and be feeling that overwhelming sense of long to do lists.  A healthy practice brings you time, flexibility, and income to allow you to do the things in life you love.  A healthy practice allows you the ability to respond quickly, decisively and wisely to changes and needs for your team, your community and your clients. I would love all practice owners to be able to experience what it is like to run a healthy practice.

There are 6 main elements that we at Maida Learning believe are the essential key factors to establishing your own healthy practice.

Knowing where you are currently at in all aspects of your practice is important to know. It gives you a base to start from and is nothing to shy away from. 

Knowing your vision, and your strategies to get you there is crucial. Planning helps you be you, and not fall into old ineffective habits.

Re-enforcing foundations
Having a solid base of systems and processes in place allows you more time, flexibility and the opportunity to grow well. 

Nurturing your team
Even a one-person show needs assistance to create the ideal practice. A nurtured team allows trust, delegation and support for you as a practice owner. 

Growing yourself
Your practice is merely a reflection of yourself, and as a business owner, self-growth, resilience and the mastery of private practice ownership is a key ingredient to success. 

Sharing your unique message to your team, your clients and your community is the key to ensuring your practice provides great outcomes and allows your brand to flourish. 

If you would like to learn how you can develop your own healthy practice, why not join us this year for our Healthy Practice Retreat in the beautiful state of Tasmania. A chance to stop, and plan for a practice that you love and a practice that provides for you what you need. For more information, head to

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