Use these allied health blog titles next time you are stuck for content ideas

If you have a blog as a marketing tool for your practice, you might know that feeling that comes with wondering what you will write next? What else can you share to your readers and what knowledge do you have to impart. You might also know that feeling when you self-sabotage and tell yourself you have run out of things to say or that people don’t want to read what you have to say..

These things can create a huge barrier when you are marketing your practice. I can tell you now you DO have great things to say and great knowledge to share and people DO want to read it.  If you feel you have run out of ideas, we have made a list of possible blog titles to give you some inspiration going forward. 

“Experience has taught me”

As a therapist or practitioner, you are learning things every day – you apply your knowledge every day and gain ongoing experience in your area of interest.  Every one of us has a great deal of individual experience that we can share and by writing about these we put ourselves in a position as an ‘expert’ in the area we are passionate about.

5 things I wish my clients knew about ___________
Something you have learnt in the last year
The one thing people don’t tell you about ______________
3 unexpected lessons I learnt from ___________  
5 tips I learnt from treating ________________
My best advice for __________________

Ideas and tips

Sharing easy to follow tips and tricks for how to do something, or achieve something is always great content for your readers on a blog.

5 simple ideas to ______________
How to get a great outcome with ________________
3 things you can do at home to enhance ______________
How to start _________________
My simple steps to learn how to __________________


Your favourites

This is a chance to share the things you love. It is a way to provide great value to your readers. How often do you get asked your opinion from a client, “which one would you choose?” – well not you can start to share some of the things you find helpful and you have tried.

My favourite resources to read about ________________
My favourite podcasts
My go-to resources for ____________
My favourite quotes for motivation
My favourite things to make ______ easier
3 apps I love to use for clients
Why I love _____________ for my clients

Running your practice/providing your service

You’re running a great service for your clients, so you need to share what that’s all about. After all, you want your readers to understand the ins and outs of what is involved in your service.

3 behind-the-scenes facts about our practice
How you can get started with _____________
The one simple rule we like to follow here at ______________
Our innovative idea to assist ___________________

I hope that gives you some starting points for attacking your next series of blogs for your practice.

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