6 easy steps to developing your allied health social media content calendar

Last month we posted ideas of things to include as content on your social media page but today we want to take it one step further.

Planning out your social media posts in advance can save you ‘running out of ideas’ but can also increase your productivity by allowing you to schedule posts. If you know in advance about your topic, it prevents staring at a screen trying to think of what to write! To pre-plan your social media posts, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Decide which social media platforms you will use. You don’t have to be across all areas. Choose the sites where your target audience will most likely be. If you are new to social media for your practice, just start with one platform.
  2. Decide how often you will post on each platform. Once a week, three times a week, it is really up to you. You want to find a balance of having fresh content frequently, but not bombarding people.
  3. Find a current year planner – you can use a wall planner either on the wall or you can use the same layout on your computer.
  4. Look ahead in the year. What is seasonal that you might want to post about? Do you write a blog – how often, and when will you share that? What other events or awareness days do you want to support? Have a look at what is coming up this year – there may be things like Mental Health Week you want to support, Red Nose Day, Breast Cancer Week, or other moments people are involved in like starting school, school holidays, public holidays and so on. Write down on your calendar the things you know are coming up that you want to share and include in your social media posts from what you have discovered.
  5. Next, you will need to fill in the gaps. This will depend on the purpose of your social media platform, but as a general rule, it is good if your social media page can direct people to your website or increase people’s understanding of what you do. Sometimes we need to post just to be visible, so don’t feel you need brand new content every day to succeed. You may decide each Wednesday you will post a fact about the area you work in, and on Thursdays, you will post something inspirational.
  6. As you go along in the year, keep a record of things you come across that would be ideal posts. There are a few platforms you can store these on, including things like Evernote or OneNote, create a list on Trello, or write them in a notebook. A list of ideas is great and I would suggest you add categories to your list – that way, for example, you know when you get to Friday and you are going to post something educational, you have a list of ideas to draw from in your ‘educational’ category.

If you need a starting point, we have developed a great resource to use for plotting out your posting plan. Click here to download our brand new social media calendar for 2018 (Excel format).


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