20 content ideas for your allied health social media pages

If you have already started a social media page for your allied health practice, you may have at some stage experienced that feeling of having a ‘blank’ when thinking of what to post. This can happen because we are busy, because we have not dedicated time to sit and plan it out or because we have ran out of ideas!

Literally! For anyone having a moment of “what should I post?” this week, I have put down some ideas for you…

  1. Take a photo of your workplace (If you work from home or do home visits, then this counts!)
  2. Answer a question
  3. Introduce yourself or a new staff member
  4. Share something about a community event in your local area that you are attending
  5. Share a statistic about a particular injury, outcome, or other related to your area of expertise
  6. Ask your audience a question. Using a poll is a good way to do this as it is easiest for your audience to reply
  7. Share your story – why did you get started in practice? Why do you do what you do?
  8. Create a video that showcases the people you work with or the services you offer
  9. Share a quote that would be motivating for your target audience
  10. Correct a common myth or misconception that relates to your area of expertise
  11. Share or give a shout out to another local business or organisation
  12. Share your other social media pages if you have any (i.e., share your Instagram link on your Facebook page)
  13. Ask people to join a mailing list if you have one
  14. Thank people for their support
  15. Share information about a favourite website you love that would help your target audience
  16. Take a photo of a product or resource you have made for a client
  17. Take a photo of yourself or a staff member at an educational or professional development event
  18. Post a recent research paper findings related to your area of expertise or a topic that would be of interest to your target audience
  19. Let people know how they can book in to see you
  20. Let people know other things you have completed to contribute to your profession or community.

Good luck!

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