No excuses for dodgy presentation slides!

Today, I would like to chat about presentation slides. You might need to create presentation slides in your practice or service for lots of reasons, such as:

  • A staff in-service
  • A conference/event presentation
  • Information session for your current/potential referrers
  • Information session for the general public
  • Webinar
  • Scrolling display for a waiting room TV screen
  • A pitch for a funding application

There are a few golden rules that will help your audience remain captivated and engaged, and to ensure your presentation is a great visual representation of your brand. We put a lot of time and effort into the information/content of our presentations – why waste it with poor branding and visual design?

Here are some considerations:

Slide size – make sure you select the 16:9 ratio when creating your slides. Most programs default to this now anyway, but it’s worth checking! The widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio will display beautifully and “fill” the screen compared to other ratios that may not "fill" the screen and display black strips down each side.

Slide content - don’t put in everything you are saying! As we all know, our slides are a presentation tool where you display the salient points of discussion. Make sure you incorporate a mix of text and images, and vary the layout slightly now and then throughout the slides (e.g., rather than “text on the left”, “image on the right” all the time).

Images/Graphics – if you follow our blog regularly, you will know our passion for images & graphics that are “on point”, and relevant for the allied health industry. Click here to read more on this. In a nutshell, no white lab coats (unless you wear one!), clichéd faceless people or stretched images. Remember also, it is against the law to use an image you just found on Google.

Your visual brand – make sure you mark each slide with your logo or other signal of ownership. This could simply be your name as the author. Place it in the same spot on each slide and make it consistent in size and appearance.

Extend the learning – if you have handouts or other supporting material, make sure they match the visual branding of your presentation.

I hope that gives you some direction on how to create amazing slides that 'wow' your audience – if you don't feel skilled in this area, there are so many templates available now that can help you set up a presentation in no time at all – we use Canva. A master slide file can be a real asset to your business – if you have staff creating presentations, the template will ensure the end result is aligned to your practice brand and your expectations.

Have a wonderful week!

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