What makes you different?

Do you know how your practice or service is different from your competitors? Do you think you communicate this difference well to your clients and referrers?

Every viable business model in healthcare starts with a value proposition - a promise for people to receive quality care at their convenience and without breaking the bank. “We will do everything for everybody” has never worked well for any business - and yet, numerous healthcare practices try to include everything under the sun in their services. You need to clearly know what your customers are going to get for their money because you will need to factor this into your marketing strategies.

Today, I would like you to complete a little exercise – grab a piece of paper and write down all the things your patients will get for their first initial appointment. This will help you become aware of what you are offering.

Next, write your answers to the following questions:

1. What makes you stand out?
2. What need are you addressing for your clients?
3. Do you do anything that no one else does?

The big thing is, how do you communicate this to your clients and referrers? This is really important. We often assume that people understand what we say. For example, some patients do not know what an orthotic is. They do not know what a waterproof cast means. They do not see the importance of what your “wound care” service means.

When marketing your services, you need to identify ways that you can effectively communicate the benefit of your services, rather than just stating what you do. For example: here are ways you can explain the benefit to them:

Wound care — we provide suitable dressings to help your wound heal.

Waterproof casting — we provide sturdy casts that you can shower in and swim with.

These are examples from my hand therapy practice - can you think of an example for your services?

Spend 5 minutes today writing down the services you offer and the subsequent benefit for your clients – pin it up on your office noticeboard or wall. You will be surprised how this simple exercise can help you in your marketing efforts.

Have a great week!

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