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Here at Maida Learning, we love learning about new things in the allied health space – including new technology that can innovate and enhance the way we deliver our services and run our businesses.

Last month, I touched base with the co-founder and CEO of Cliniq Apps – an Aussie company whose mission is to enhance the patient communication experience across the world.

We chatted about the different ways that allied health practitioners can improve communication, measure progress and client satisfaction in their practice.

One way is to set some simple metrics for your practice – this means looking at things you can track over time in your practice & monitor. Some ideas would be the number of new patients, the number of cancellations, the number of cancellations < 48 hours, how many retained patients, the number of future appointments per practitioner, the no-show rates and appointment cancellations with no re-book.

Cliniq Apps can help practitioners with this through their interactive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard - you can find a list of metrics a mile long that you can select from to track, depending on your individual practice and your goals of course!

It was interesting to learn about the Cliniq Apps patient satisfaction categories according to client feedback after their therapy session. As a practice, you can send out a notification to your client’s phones after their appointment to gauge their satisfaction with the health service they have received from you - and you can choose who to send it to. It is important to note here that this client satisfaction/review is visible by you as practice owner only - therefore, no breach of your AHPRA obligations will occur regarding testimonials or reviews. You can then elect to send a special custom message to particular groups. For example, to the promoters (clients who indicated a very positive experience), you may say, "thanks so much for your feedback, here is a 20% voucher for a friend" (this is just an example, and would depend on your practice). You can also then see (if you have staff) which practitioners attract particular feedback ranking. The great thing is, this process can happen all automatically with no admin time (following initial setup).

If you send out email newsletters to your practice clients, it’s worthwhile considering a segmented marketing approach – that is, sending highly specific information to particular patient groups rather than one generic email to your whole audience. Cliniq Apps can help you with this as it also acts as an automatic patient relations system. You can select particular patient groups (e.g., men, over 45, back pain) and send a message just to them by email/SMS/letter. That way, the messages you are sending are targeted to the audience receiving them. You might also elect to send auto messages to patients that did not attend, like a cancellation notification.

The way that we live and work has rapidly evolved, with an estimated 84% smartphone ownership in Australia1 (I think many of us can remember a time before smartphones were available!). Why not take advantage and create your own practice branded app - where patients that download your app can see their upcoming appointments, receive push notification reminders and make appointments…all through a Cliniq Apps subscription. Cliniq Apps is fully integrated with Cliniko and currently working on integrating with coreplus and TM2. Click here to head over to the Cliniq Apps site for more information.

I hope this has given you some insight into the opportunities that exist for you to harness technology to help you in your allied health practice. But, wait a minute! Are you still thinking about practice management software and are unsure which way to go? Feel free to join in our industry first webinar showcase, where we meet with 9 practice software providers in one day - click here for more information.

1. Source: Australia edition, Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Jun – Jul 2016 Base: All survey respondents 2006

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