Pearls & Pitfalls of Blogging

Have you ever thought of blogging for your practice? Blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise in your area, bring people to your website and help educate your audience about how you can solve their problems. Before you launch it, we have written a few points for you to consider. Here are some basic pearls and pitfalls of blogging in private practice.

There are definite advantages to blogging. A blog can add great value to your marketing in the following ways:

  • Adds to your service brand development
  • Allows great audience reach and can enhance your practice brand when written well
  • Develops creative avenues for staff
  • Shares knowledge and increases awareness of the breadth of services
  • Enhances SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website
  • Identifies your service as expert in specific areas of therapy
  • Assists to support other marketing tools, such as e-newsletter/social media by providing content
  • Easy to measure return on investment through Google Analytics

Some things to consider and problem solve when starting a blog:

  • Staff may not be trained in blog writing which can take time to get language and content correct. Consider having written guidelines and tips for staff if you are asking them to blog write for you, including language to use, word length, and details about who they are writing for. 
  • Professional images to complement blog are not readily available for allied health services. Consider purchasing images from a platform such as Adobe Stock but ensure they match your branding. Other options include getting your own professional photos taken in your rooms/practice. 
  • Time can be a major barrier to marketing strategies in allied health – we just get busy and blogging takes time! Consider planning out your blogs and not being over-committed – start a monthly blog or fortnightly rather than weekly. Set out a schedule of what you are going to write, and when. Once you have decided on topics, make sure you block time off in the diary to actually write the content!
  • No one is reading it! Well, that can happen. Consider really understanding who you are writing to. Think about what problems your audience may have and how you can solve their problems or questions. The other thing to consider is giving your blog legs! How will people read it if they don’t know it exists? Adding a link to your email signature, promoting on social media, practice newsletters, and a sign in your waiting room will help. 
  • Scared to start? Have a read of other blogs in your industry to get an idea of how to structure and content that might be popular. 

If you would like some help to get started on your blogging adventure, why not book a mentoring session with us for a tailored starting point for you and your practice. Click here to learn more.

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