4 great social media apps

When I was on a short holiday last week I thought to myself, it is definitely harder to manage a business social media presence when you are not in the office! I found it harder to get good images and harder to think of great content. I don’t know if you find this or if you just have days when you need some more inspiration for social media posts? Today, I share with you 4 fantastic apps that will invigorate your social media posting!

1. StumbleUpon: This is a great app for finding content for your social media posts. It allows you to select topic areas that you are interested in so you can personalise it to suit your needs. There are quite a few subject areas you can list as your interests, such as anatomy, arthritis, or therapy. Each day StumbleUpon will then show you web articles and photos related to your interests. You can further refine your interests by telling StumbleUpon you want “more of these” articles or “less like this”. 


2. Over: This is a great little app that allows you to add text or images to your own photos. Great for when you are away from the office. You can take a photo straight away and use that, or you can choose from any photo you already have stored on your mobile device. There are many fonts and artwork to choose to overlay onto your image, which you can then save and post immediately onto your social media platforms. It will add a little more excitement to your images. If you sign up to the Pro edition you will also have access to many stock images that you might find helpful instead of trying to come up with your own images.


3. Little moments: This app is a great photo editor. Similar to Over, it allows you to take your own photos or images and add extra features such as a quote, design or wording. Some of the add-ons you need to purchase, however, they are very cost-effective and start from $0.99. 


4. Juxtaposer: This app allows you to combine two images in one in what would best be described as a layering app. All you need to do is cut out a piece of an existing photo or image and stick in onto another through the app. You don’t have to be a great Photoshop pro to use this app – you just need a mobile device, your images, and the app. It is lots of fun to play around with so if you are short on time, maybe set a time limit for yourself!


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