Marketing when shy

Putting yourself out there and telling the world about your services can be hard – particularly if you are a shy person or are considered an introvert. Don’t let this stop you though, there are still many ways to market your services quietly without the panic and stress of cold calling and trying to schedule meetings with potential referrers.

Don’t stress about the meet and greet straight up. If you have read my blogs previously, you would have read that one of the most effective ways to create engagement with others about your service is to tell your story and gift your knowledge. This is a perfect way to start for the shy practice owner! Here are some tips:

1. Join forces with another like-minded allied health professional who is also looking to market and consider running a joint information session for the public or for potential referrers – Share the opportunity to gift your knowledge and give attendees two great reasons to attend, but also just as great, share the fears of having to do it all by yourself.

2. Think in different boxes with regard to encouraging referrals – if the meet and greet is hard, what are others ways that you can encourage others to refer to you? For example, if you are in the paediatric sector, consider an information sheet on a popular topic attached to the back of a school newsletter. 

3. Thank people. Sending a handwritten thank you card - well...we don’t see a lot of that anymore! I arrived at work yesterday to receive a handwritten card from an employee thanking me for having them on the team - this was incredible - and meant so much more than a verbal thank you, or worse, if that employee just assumed I knew that! People remember when they have been personally thanked, not just for a referral, but for their time.

4. If you have a Facebook page, consider reaching your target audience through Facebook marketing. There are two ways that you can choose to do this – if you want to ensure the people that already like your page hear your message, the best option to do is to ‘boost’ and existing post you have created. If you want to reach people in your target audience that might not have come across your Facebook page yet, you could try a targeted ad through the ‘create an ad’ service on Facebook. For tips on exactly how to apply this to your private practice, we have a great webinar on ‘Facebook Marketing’.

Remember that introvert or not, only you can sell your story the right way. It is your story to tell, and you are the person behind ‘self-promotion’. You make the calls on what fits with your personality and what you feel comfortable doing...Being shy is not a reason not to market!


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