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By now, there may be many of you already harnessing the power of online marketing with Facebook for your practice and that is fantastic. One of the things I commonly recommend to people is once you are on there, make it work for you and ensure it matches your brand and engages your target audience. Are you doing that? Not sure? Here is my handy checklist to audit your Facebook page.

Let's be honest, no one likes heading to a Facebook page to find that it doesn’t have any posts since December 2014! Have a look at your Facebook page this week and work out which of the following aspects need attending to.

1. "About" section – does it contain your website address (this should be the first thing people see) and a simple sentence explaining what you do? 

2. Cover photo – does your image fit into the space properly, does it reflect your brand and will your target audience understand it? See the example below from one of my practices.

book now image

3. Profile photo – I recommend this is your logo but make sure it fits in the box – if you have a rectangle logo, can you design a square concept to fit and one that people can recognise?

4. Services – Facebook now has a section where you can add your services – make sure you use this feature to list what you can offer for your target audience, see below.

services image

5. Apps - If you have a newsletter that people can sign up to, have you got an area on Facebook where people can join? If you take online bookings to your website, you can also add this feature to your Facebook page – and it will link to your website. 

newsletter signup

6. Engaging – are you communicating back to your fans? This means if people are writing a comment about your post or are sharing your content, you are thanking them for their activity or replying to their comments. This is an important component to social media, and we must always remember to was designed to be ‘social’.

7. Star ratings – if you have this enabled on Facebook you are encouraging people to wrist a testimonial. Under AHPRA in Australia, this is not allowed. If you have the star rating on your Facebook page active, head in and disable this feature. People can write a comment on a post you share, but asking for recommendation via the rating system is asking people to provide a testimonial. This is not allowed on pages on the internet that you have control of, including websites.

star review image

I hope that helps you tweak your Facebook site to ensure you are communicating your great brand and allowing people to easily see what you are offering.

P.S. Don't forget the great site Canva to help you get your Facebook images sized just right!

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