Video Ideas!

Last week, I shared some of the benefits of creating videos for your practice.  Today, I want to help you make the first step to making them possible, or… if you have already used videos before, I am hoping to share some fresh ideas for future videos.  After reading this, I want you to take 5 minutes, that’s all, to write down some ideas of content you could share with a video of your practice.

Ideas to think about:

  1. Profile of your staff – "meet the team" video, showcasing each team member, their role, and what they love about their work.  Putting a face to a name always helps create a connection.
  2. Introduction to your practice – what is your mission, what do you do, how can you help people and showcase your location.  If you work from home, get creative and showcase the area/suburbs you work around.
  3. Create a "how to" video for your target audience – this could be as simple as using an assistive device, finding mindfulness, three simple stretches, safely using an appliance at home, or sharing a life hack.  Think of something that would benefit your target audience.
  4. Create a customer support tool – help answer a frequently asked question on video which you can embed onto your website or use on social media to help people understand a specific aspect of your practice more clearly.  This could include information about funding options, where to find your practice, how to navigate your website (helpful if you have a client log in option), how to claim from Medicare for services or tips to completing home programs that have been set.
  5. Product demonstration – simply showing a product and how it works can help customers understand what you are offering and see it in use. The product should be something that your target audience would be interested in.  For example, if you work with children with handwriting difficulties, sharing a video on different pencil grips may be helpful.
  6. A typical day – sharing with your audience what your day involves will help them see those behind the scene shots that might not otherwise be noticed, and showcase all the wonderful things you do.
  7. Sharing your knowledge – creating a video on a particular diagnosis that you might commonly see or treatment that you might recommend, is a good way to educate your target audience and showcase your expertise.

Grab a pen and in 5 minutes, jot down now as many ideas as you can – they don’t have to be serious, just write as many as you can.  Later, you will look back and decide that some are really great ideas!


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