Do you really need videos?

I often hear video success stories where people have harnessed the power of video in their practice to showcase their work. My question to you today is: are you also going to become one of them? Are you sceptical of video and its benefits or think it is expensive? Or…. Are you just too busy to think about it? Either way, I think you need to find some time to see how it might fit with your plans this year.

There are lots of benefits to using videos as part of your marketing that are worth considering. Here are 5 examples of where videos can be an asset to your marketing plan, and some further detail below:


So, why consider video?

1. Communicates your brand – when you create videos that are aimed at your target market, what you are doing is positioning yourself in a way that allows you to really resonate with your audience and create a connection. Your target audience will be attracted to your efforts in making a video that helps them, entertains them or educates them. Your brand will, therefore, become more memorable to viewers.

2. Product or service launch resource – a video that showcases a new product that you offer or explains a service that you offer, will help your customers experience the product or service prior to making an appointment. Using the video to explain how the product can be used or what the service entails and gives much more understanding to your target market than written information alone.

3. Social media content – uploading your video to your social media platforms gives your video legs. If you are going to spend the time to make it, you want to ensure people know about it. People can then like, comment and share your creation which helps spread the word.

4. Traffic to your website - one of the main goals of marketing in any digital space is to drive customers to your website. Listing your website at the end of your video, or mentioning it in the content of your video will encourage visitors to your website after viewing.

5. Free video hosting platforms – using a platform to host your videos such as Vimeo or YouTube gives you an additional marketing platform where people can find you. Using these platforms, you can host the videos, and then, embed them onto your website, social media sites or within an e-newsletter.

Next week, we will share ideas for video content you could use in your practice.

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