How would people describe your allied health brand? (Part 2)

Last week, I shared some specific areas in your allied health business that influence consumer perceptions of your brand. Today, we continue exploring this topic by focusing on brand touchpoints following their appointment.

But first a little refresher: brand touchpoints - what are they? Simply, a brand touchpoint is any point of contact between the consumer and your allied health business. The really interesting and important thing to remember is that the actual clinical assessment or treatment provided represents only a part of the whole consumer journey. 

Let's now look at 2 more areas in the consumer journey:

1. Post-treatment: after a patient/client has received excellent clinical care from you as an allied health professional, what happens then? Do they receive clear instructions for home exercises or other post-treatment activities? Are they in writing? Are any handouts they receive in pristine condition with your business logo and contact details? (no photocopies of photocopies please!) If they receive several handouts, are they offered a plastic sleeve or folder? Is the billing process smooth? Were they advised of any potential costs prior to the appointment? Are they provided with instructions to follow if they have a question or concern?

2. Post-appointment: On departing your practice, does the patient hear from you prior to their next appointment? If you issue a newsletter to patients/clients, does this match other brand touchpoints both visually and from a content perspective? 

Once again, think about how your clients/patients would describe your service to their family & friends. Would it match your brand vision? Would they remember the excellent health service they were provided or would they recall other aspects of their experience?

Similar to last week, grab a pen and paper and walk through the above stages from a consumer perspective and jot down any areas you feel could be improved. 

Have a great week!

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