Who forgot social media is meant to be social?

Social media platforms like Facebook are an ever-growing platform for business nowadays. In my experience, Facebook is a really great way to reinforce your practice or personal brand to your target audience and to develop engagement to and from followers. The main reason I see many Facebook business pages not working well is when their administrators forget that it is a social media platform. Remember, people expect you to be social on Facebook!

When we think about the reasons individuals have their own personal Facebook accounts and hop on Facebook regularly, it is because they are wanting to connect with family and friends. They are not on there to look for adds about allied health professional practices or be bombarded with marketing.

How do we ensure we stay social on Facebook as a business? Here are my 3 tips:

1. As a business page, ensure you interact with other businesses on Facebook. Go to their sites, and like pages of other businesses that either compliment your services or that you wish to support. Try to find business pages that have similar values to your own. These don't have to be other allied health professionals. Rather, they may be the local coffee shop you attend, a supplier of your products, or the local business chamber.

2. Once you have found these other business pages you need to interact with them. Once a week is fine. Hop on their pages, and have a look at what they are posting. Like their posts and write comments on things of interest to your business or your followers. It could be an inspirational quote they have posted or a new product they are selling. There are two benefits to doing this: firstly, your Facebook page name is more likely to be seen by others, and secondly, you are sharing your interest wider than your own practice and supporting others... only good can come from that. People will appreciate your efforts.

3. If any of your followers post a comment on your own business page or send you a private message, make sure you have a system for dealing with this. It is a total turn off when I comment on someone's page or ask a question and it goes unnoticed or there is no reply. If people are commenting or asking questions of you, it is really important to acknowledge them! This is them putting their hand up and telling you they are interested in what you are doing. I would recommend setting aside time each day to get on Facebook to check for messages and comments and reply to them.

Happy Facebooking!

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