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We know what it is like to run an allied health private practice and understand it is hard to find the time to learn the right things that will help your business grow and thrive.

Do you struggle to find time to do the things you want in your practice?

Are you great at the clinical side of things, but lacking in the practice management side?

Are you working long hours and not feeling like you are really getting to where you want to?

Do you feel overwhelmed by issues relating to money, staff and the requirements to being a practice owner?

We are here to help!  

Maida Learning was developed to help allied health practitioners navigate the private practice world. We provide support, resources and education about how to become business smart when running your allied health business so you can acheive your work and life goals. 

"I started off in private practice in 2006 and had no idea what I was doing! Over time I have studied business, tried new things, built a team around me, and designed the ideal practice that I love. I wanted to create a place where I could share my ideas and help others in their private practice journey. This is why I began Maida Learning. I want you to be able to achieve success without having to start out where I did. If I can prevent you from feeling lost and overwhelmed in private practice, I will be a very happy person. Being in private practice is rewarding, and has given me immense joy. I want you to feel that too."

            Amy Geach, Founder of Maida Learning


Our education and resources covers a diverse range of business topics including:

  • Using social media in your allied health business
  • Marketing your allied health service to better communicate what you do
  • Developing a Policies & Procedures manual
  • Understanding what those numbers on your financial reports mean
  • Recruiting & Managing Staff
  • Engaging employees
  • Online tools to improve your efficiency
  • Setting up a private practice

What are you waiting for? If you want the optimal private practice that allows you to acheive your work and life goals, then become part of our Maida Learning community today. A great starting point is our online webinars, and our free resources. If you are ready to jump straight into all the good stuff, then our Maida Membership is the way to go.